Arc Server Application Portfolio


ES Viewshed Application

The ES Viewshed application is a web mapping application that provides a means for PBO field engineers to conduct viewshed analyses to aid in radio communication network planning.


WMS Service GPS Velocity Vectors

The goal of this prototype is to evaluate the capabilities of arcGIS Server and it's ability to generate on the fly Velocity Vectors. Calculations are made on the fly and Drawn to the "Server Object's" Graphics Layer.


Vineyard Temperature DSS

The goal of this prototype is for local Finger Lakes wineries to import microclimate data collected from temperature sensors throughout the vineyards. additionally, based on client input created a custom web enabled analysis tool that performs database queries. 

Note:This is a prototype used for testing purposes. It may not always funtion properly.


GDS AOI Delineator

This application was built to help potential Customers Delineate their area of interest when purchasing Satelite imagery. The tool allows the user to zoom to the desired extent and draw their polygon with the use of a custom built tool. The polygon is validated against certain minimum requirements When the area of interest polygon has been created the user can convert it to a shapefile and it will be sent to the appropriate Technician.

Standard Day Viewer

This application will allow potential users to query one of three data layers by date range. (Guidepoints NYS, NE DFHM layer, multiroutes layer) In addition, the user will be able to exclude all holidays and at present, the day before or day after (room for more senarios).
To do this, a pre created xml file of defined holidays in combination with the .NET libraries to add or subtract days based on the selected query.


Prototype Water Droplet

Displays Flow Path tracing based from point clicked.Future development includes plans to implement DEM-based watershed delineation, network generation, and attribute-based tracing.


Nexrad Doppler Radar Viewer

Displays most recent doppler radar image from albany Binghamton and Buffalo Works in combination with Desktop utility that downloads latest nexrad data files and converts to shapefile utilizing arcObjects.


PBO Status Map

The Sole purpose of this application is to dynamically create well formed accurate KML depicting the current status of PBO sight operation status. The front end is accessed through a network link using Google Earth. The Source Data is XML based and converted using XSLT Utilizing .NET